The Association for Craft Producers (ACP) is a Fair Trade organization located in Kathmandu, Nepal. ACP provides design, marketing, management, and technical services to low-income, predominantly women, Nepalese craft producers. Meera Bhatterai founded ACP in 1984, with a vision to pay women directly, teach them how to price their work so as not to be exploited in the market, and ultimately to give women a greater voice. Today, because of ACP, nearly 1200 women from 15 districts in Nepal have the opportunity to become more financially independent, and have gained more credibility in their communities through the production of their crafts.

“Our producers are the heartbeat of our organization. Their tales have a common theme – by becoming more financially independent, their self-esteem and social standing have exponentially risen. They command a greater sense of respect within their male-dominated villages and, most importantly, they get it.”

-Meera Bhatterai