Beas y Tapia

Founded by mother and daughter, María Rosa Beas and Rosa María Tapia, in 1987, Beas y Tapia is a family-run business committed to preserving Chilean traditional handicrafts and practicing the principles of Fair Trade. As an exporting organization working with artisans and clients, Beas y Tapia strives to secure prices that value the work of craftspeople and deliver quality products to customers. Based in Santiago, they work with artisans from regions throughout Chile who craft a wide range of products. A member of the World Fair Trade Organization and the Chilean Fair Trade Association, Beas y Tapia works to develop lasting relationships with producers founded on fairness, transparency and mutual respect. Through Beas y Tapia, artisans have consistent and stable income, allowing them opportunities to find new markets, preserve traditional crafts, train apprentices and provide job opportunities in their communities.

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