Guillermo, the artisan who creates the suncatchers, lives in the highlands of Ecuador, in a rural community with few resources. Most of the indigenous people in these communities are involved in industries which create harm to the environment. Craft work supports their culture, livelihood, and self-determination. Pampeana Glass Art, the organization that brings Guillermo's creations to Just Creations, supports Fair Trade standards for labor, environmentalism, and social policy. Its focus is to work with economically marginalized individuals in Ecuador, providing them with opportunities that allow them to have a stable environment and help them move from a position of vulnerability to one of security and economic self-sufficiency. Pampeana aims to empower these individuals by encouraging them to become stakeholders in their own organizations and to actively play a wider role in the design and development of handcraft products. In addition, Pampeana works with recycled or renewable materials, thus lowering the impact on the environment. Your purchase supports equality and sustainability as well as helping to preserve the environment.

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