Beas y Tapia

3-Legged Good Luck Pig - Beas y Tapia

Approximately 2.25 inches long. 2 inches high. Handmade by Andrea Hernández. 

In the village of Pomaire, Chile, famous for its pottery, it is believed that chanchitos (little pigs), bring good luck. Three-legged chanchitos are especially lucky. For longer than anyone can remember, South Americans have been giving three-legged pigs as a good luck charm to drive away evil spirits and attract good fortune. They are traditionally given to friends as a token of goodwill and love.

Andrea Hernández started working as a potter at a young age, making small pigs to sell to tourists and local store owners. Eventually she started to make other types of ceramic handicrafts. About five years ago, she met representatives of Beas y Tapia. She now has a kiln in her house to fire her ceramic work and crafts products exclusively for them. She says, “One day talking to a fellow crafter who had an economic relationship with Beas y Tapia, I agreed to send a sample of the piglets I make to them. From that moment I began to work with them, delivering about 450 piglets a month, in addition to other work that I do. After I had my second child, I stopped working with other groups and increased the production of piglets and other work to Beas y Tapia. Over time I have evolved the design, which helps me deliver larger quantities. My working relationship with Beas y Tapia has been good. I am paid well and treated fairly. I have flexibility, so I can create my work and take care of my family and household at the same time. Fair Trade has been a blessing for me and my family.”

Meet the Maker: beas y tapia
Founded by mother and daughter, María Rosa Beas and Rosa María Tapia, in 1987, Beas y Tapia is a family-run business committed to preserving Chilean... read more