Tara Projects

Agra is a city in northern India and known for being the home of the iconic Taj Mahal. Agra is also the home to an artisan cooperative of women and men who create gorgeous, handcrafted ornaments using traditional beading and embroidery techniques called Zardozi. World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) member Tara Projects supports the artisans by finding markets for their products and helping them address a number of social issues all too common in their region. 

Recently, with funds generated by ornament sales, Tara Projects completed a new education center in poverty-stricken areas of Agra, India. With this new school, children who traditionally have been forced to work to support their families have an increased opportunity to complete their primary education. The school enrolled 100 children as soon as it opened. Tara also hosted a child labor awareness day to educate families on the importance of keeping children in school.

The following year, Tara Projects celebrated the grand opening of their new Tara Anita Learning Center in a nearby community of Agra. More than 200 students now benefit from this school. This center is one of ten that Tara supports throughout India, providing education to 1,000 children and encouraging parents to eliminate child labor.

Little by little a difference is being made in the lives of our artisans and their children, as well as helping families in nearby communities. Your purchases give these children the gift of an opportunity, all possible because of fair trade!

Brass Hamsa Hand Necklace
Brass Hamsa Hand Necklace
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